Monday, March 26, 2012

Happy 60th Birthday, Dad!!

I miss a lot of people in Alabama and one of those I miss the most is my dad and today he turned 60!
I actually can't believe it.  60 seems so old and my dad seems so young.
I dedicate this blog to my dad because, well...60 years is a long time to live and I just so happen to miss him a lot.
I remember being younger and we were camping.  My dad was cutting up wood for the fire and hurt his leg.  He had to go to the hospital and I remember seeing him walk into the camper and I started crying.  I'm not sure how young I was but I remember not wanting him to be hurt.  I've been called a daddy's girl for quite sometime now.
There are 2 things that really stand out about my dad. 1. He LOVES the water!
 and 2. He LOVES ALABAMA!  Alabama Football that is... The picture below cracks me up and I didn't realize it until now but I think my dad has the same shirt on in both pictures...  The picture on the left is my dad holding Deci.  The picture on the right is my dad holding Journey. :) Roll Tide!
 I do believe it's the same shirt below also. ;) We don't help the cause any by buying him Alabama shirts for every birthday!
 Below: Mine and Q's wedding day
 My dad has survived a lot.  When I was younger he was in a really bad car accident where he could have died.  My little brother Kyle was in the car with him when it happened.  They were on their way to pick me and Lee up from school.  Also a few years ago the doctors found a spot on my dads head that was cancerous.  They removed it along with a patch of hair from his head that is still gone.  I am so thankful to still have my dad in my life...even if it's 2,800 miles away.
The Evans Family Reunion.  Left to right: My older brother Lee, Younger brother Kyle, Me (pregnant with Deci) and my dad.

 My dad is such a good cook! Especially french toast, chili and hamburgers!
The picture above, Deci was helping my dad make french toast.

My dad, his wife, my 2 step sisters and my 2 brothers.

Last night I missed my dads 60th Birthday Party.  This is the hardest part about living in Oregon...I hate missing these huge events.  So, Dad, Sorry I couldn't be there yesterday...and today.  I'm glad to call you my dad!  Happy Birthday, DAD! I love you!

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