Sunday, March 11, 2012

Another Beautiful Day in Oregon

We've had very unusual weather lately in Oregon...either that or I'm getting use to the cold and rain...
No, I think it's just been a little unusual.
Last March it rained EVERY SINGLE DAY in Eugene.
We've actually had sunny days a lot this past few weeks and I LOVE IT!
So we spend a lot of time outside when it's pretty.
(I decided to take my "real" camera out this day, you'll be thankful for the change from my blurry phone pic's!)
Don't let Deci's outfit fool you.  It was warm but not quite warm enough to be in a Summer dress.  She's just a kid with tough skin.  I think it was 63..or 65 this day.
We went to visit a rose garden and got to see this lovely tree that is 130 years old.
From what I hear, I need to make a trip back to see it in late April, early May because it blooms these pink flowers.  It's a Black Tartarian Cherry tree.
Deci decided she wanted to take a picture and why not? If you're a mom you understand the lack of pictures I find myself in with my kids...

We also went to visit a new park.  I am honestly still amazed at how many parks and playgrounds are in the area.  I've been in Oregon over a year and I find new parks every week.
Journey is just at the age now when I can let her go down some slides by herself and she loved this one! I couldn't get her off of it!  Too bad somewhere along the day we lost one of her shoes so she had to walk on the mulch barefoot. Ouch! She's tough though and if it meant she could go down the slide again she didn't care.

Deci wanted to take one more picture and this is what we get:
I think it's perfect...maybe the best Q and A picture yet. ;)


crazyjojames said...

Honesty, I think the weather was weird last year. Of all the years I have been here, I think that last year was the rainiest. Usually we start seeing sunny days popping up in the middle of March and we see more and more all through April and by May its pretty generally sunny all the time. None of this raining until July stuff. But I wouldn't be surprise if the sunny days are just teasing us.

P.S. I like the pictures!

Audrey said...

JoAnna, I hope you're right! I can handle this weather. :)

Brooklyn said...

Hahahhaa - that last picture is priceless! Looks like a fun and relaxing weekend!

Kerrie said...

Audrey I love your JEANS! They make you look SO TALL. Deci did great with the photos too ;) miss yall!

Audrey said...

Brooke, Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! :)
Kerrie, Thanks! I'm finally embracing the skinny jean trend! ha! I found them at a local 2nd hand store. ;)