Friday, March 9, 2012

It's Friday: A week Review in Pictures

As I mentioned last week, I'll be introducing you guys to one of the blogs I follow every Friday.
Today... Our neighbor and her family over at:
I've talked about her blog before on here but I wanted to tell everyone about her blog again this week because of her recent post about a movie review.  They own a Wildlife poster company and one of their posters was in a movie they were watching! How fun is that?
Also, after next week we will no longer be neighbors. eeeek! Our big surprise I'll tell you about next week! (and no, we are not moving away from Oregon!)

Last Friday night Q and I went on a date.  We ended the night with our friends (and fellow Crash members) at a local arcade.  This was seriously, we had to walk down a dark alleyway to get there, sketchy and of course my husband LOVED it and can't wait to go back.
 Saturday Breanna and I went out shopping at some local 2nd hand clothing stores and ate lunch at one of my favorite restaurants Mucho Gusto AND we got to eat outside!
We have really had BEAUTIFUL weather this week...not Alabama 70+ degree weather but It's been in the 60's and I'll take it!
We went to 3 different parks this week!
Two of them we had never been to before.
Journey has started trying to put on her own clothes...It's not working out so well.
We've got to hang out with our neighbors twice this week!
She fell asleep reading.
Brooke's HERE! 
 You can read more about Brooke HERE on Q's blog.
Today, I felt like this:

Today I'll send you back to a post I wrote on November 29, 2009 about Living a Great Life.
It was such a fun post to write.  Have you ever said, "This is the best day EVER?" I have.  Go read about it HERE and I encourage you to live a great life! 
(Plus, it's talking about Donald Miller and my favorite book by him, A Million Miles in a Thousand Years.)
Happy Friday!

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