Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Zoo, minus the ELEPHANTS??

We were trying to get a group picture. :)
Deci trying to feed the snake "bite bites"

Trying to feed the turtle

The gorilla drinking out of the waterfall.

The gorilla. He was my favorite.

Q's favorite part. He loves Rhino's but I was disappointed, they just laid there!

Deci trying to give the camel something to eat.

On my Birthday we took Deci to the Birmingham Zoo. I think we liked it more than she did. I can't believe there was no elephant! What is a zoo without elephants? We had a great day over all. We ate at Moe's for lunch. We saw Matt and Jennifer there and also ran into another old friend from breakaway days who bought our lunch! Deci loved her first experience at Moe's. Our friend Tim is in a band called Act of Congress. It's a folk/bluegrass style band. He gave us a CD and it's really good. We went to the zoo after lunch and ended the day at Cold stone creamery for ice cream! What a fun day with my family! The next day the motor in my car messed up....but I want even go there now... let's think happy thoughts! :)


Wade and Ker said...

i love the group photo! I love how Deci ducks her little head in there. :)

Ladners'Latest said...

Fun trip! I love the ZOO and so does Andrew. We're hoping to make a trip there before heading back to Hawaii.

Audrey said...

It's 1/2 off on Tuesdays! It only cost us $12 for all 3 of us! The parking lot was packed but it wasn't bad at all inside.

Rachel said...

What a fun day!! How sweet of Deci to be so generous with her food! :)