Friday, May 22, 2009

Tee Tee in the potty!

So..... We are giving potty training a try. Don't ask me why I thought I should start potty training the same week that I put Deci in a toddler bed but I did! I know, I'm crazy! First off I work at Powerhouse Gym 2 days a week and most of the kids that come are potty trained. Deci started showing a lot of interest one day we were there. I let her sit on the toilet but nothing happened. I decided to go out and buy a little potty for her. I just thought that I better take advantage of her being interested. The next day she tee teed in it! I was impressed! I had to take her every 30 minutes after that. Every now and then she would use the potty and other times her diaper. I've heard that potty training at this age is really potty training the parent. The parent takes the child every 30 min/hour and yes, the child is eventually going to pee in the potty. The past few days she's only used her potty once a day. I know if I'm going to do this I need a weekend of not leaving the house but I can't even think about doing that now. I'm going against everything I said I wouldn't do as a parent!

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Ladners'Latest said...

Way to go Deci! We're STILL working on the potty training.