Thursday, May 28, 2009

...I simply remember my favorite things and then I don't feel so bad!

One of my favorite things to do is to drive down one of my favorite roads in the summer with the windows down in the car and turn up the music. That's exactly what I did last night on the way to my friend Sarah's cabin on the lake. This time I added taking pictures while driving. I know this is dangerous. :) I forgot that when I upload pictures onto here that I should pic the ones I want first last and last first. (does that make since?) Anyways The pictures are in reverse order so you may want to start at the bottom and scroll up. Q use to think this was weird that I have favorite roads but now he has a few himself.

The cabin.

Byran, this one is for you. I told Sarah that I've read about this on your blog but never seen a picture. :)

My zoom is horrible, I really was pretty close. One of them had escaped when I drove up and I guess I scared it because it ran back into the fence.

I had my eye's on the road, see! :)

I love this picture. It was taken from the passenger window. I think I came to a full stop in the road to get this shot. Don't worry, it wasn't a busy road.

My wonderful Husband kept Deci for me so that I could go stay with Sarah and Kaydee for a sleepover. I'm 27 and I still love sleepovers! The funny thing is Deci slept better than she had all week with only Q home. She only got up once at 4:30. Of course that's how it works! :)

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