Thursday, June 28, 2012

Breakfast this morning

I've been making pancakes for me and the girls for breakfast lately.  I say "me and the girls" because Q leaves too early (okay, only 7:30) but honestly he would rather have the whole shebang with eggs, biscuits, gravy, sausage, and you get the point.  Who can blame him? And maybe just one day I'll be a really good housewife and wake up early every morning and make these things for him... Oh, I KNOW, maybe in the next year when I'm up early with our newborn baby! ha!  Who am I kidding?

  So, this morning I decided to mix things  up a little and add chocolate chips to the pancake mix.  Journey was still asleep.  Q was about to walk out the door for work.  I was mixing the pancake mix and Deci was sitting on the counter reading me bible stories.  Here is how our conversation goes.

Deci:  "Moma, do you know how to make doughnuts?"

Me:  "Nope."

Deci: "Well, maybe when me and Journey grow up you can get a grown-up job and learn how to make doughnuts for me and Journey."

Me: "Why do you want me to make doughnuts?"

Deci:  "Because they are good and if me and Journey are grownups then you can leave us here and go to work to make doughnuts and then bring us back some after work."

And I thought I was being the cool Mom by adding chocolate chips to the pancake mix!  That settles it then, when I go back to work, I'll work at a doughnut shop and everyone will be happy! :)

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Kerrie said...

hahaha quite logical.