Thursday, September 24, 2009

Favorite age...

Yesterday I got in a conversation with one of my friends about our kids and our favorite age that they have gone through. I think about this a lot for some reason...maybe because I hated the new born stage and we are thinking about starting that all over again. When Deci was a baby she was colicky and had acid reflux. She cried ALL The time for the first 3 months. At 3 months she started sleeping through the night...I started to enjoy her a little. At 6 months she started sitting up on her own, smiling and laughing so I think this is when I fell in Love with my child. Every month I would say, "This is my favorite month." Every month got better and better.

My pastor, and friend, Matt told me that his favorite age was one and older. Sure enough when Deci turned one she was soooo much fun. She was walking and saying some words. This was by far my favorite age. From one until 18months. She didn't talk back, she was learning to say more words, she wanted to really play with toys, and she was interactive! It was great. 18 months and after was still fun. I always wondered how long I would say, "This is my favorite month." I wondered when I wanted to go back to "when she was younger". I wondered if she would be 6 and talking back...or if it would be middle school when she thought her mom was "too cool" to be seen in public with...or if it would be those dreadful teenage years when she didn't want to have anything to do with me. Nope, I think it's starting already... Deci has started hitting, screaming, running away from me in public, throwing her body on the floor to throw a fit, and telling me "No!" She turns 2 next month so I'm just guessing this is the "terrible two's!" Don't get me wrong, I love Deci! She is so much fun and is very independent, which I love. She laughs all the time and LOVES to sing and Dance and it's too funny! I just think she is at the age that I dreaded...the age where I tell her "no" a million times a day and spank her and IT DOESN'T work!

I guess I'm saying all this to say that from birth to 2 years old, (yes, I know it's only 2 years), my favorite age is 12months to 18months. I can't wait to have more though. I really look forward to having more and going on trips, mission trips especially. I look forward to playing board games and going camping. I know they say to enjoy these younger years because they go by so fast and that you will miss them one day but let me just tell you I doubt I will ever miss the new born age. I can't wait to have more kids but I really dread those early days...please tell me maybe my next one will be one of the "good ones" that sleeps all the time! :)

So, what about you?? What is your favorite age your child has gone through?


jamie said...

I love 5! They are wild & everywhere, but it's wonderful. They can finally do alot for themselves, but they are still babies & need their momma's!:) Two's will pass (even though some days you don't think they will!) & it will be wonderful again.

YaYaMama said...

I think I find something about every age and I love and hate as well!
Wish you guys were closer so you all could come play!!

Audrey said...

Jamie the other day Holleigh was over here and she said that Deci reminded her of Jaxon at this age! :)