Wednesday, December 2, 2009

PIctures of the week!

Me and Deci went to my mom's today to make Christmas Cookies!
We are trying to stay busy this week keeping our minds off the fact that Q is out of town for the week. :( Earlier this week we went to stay with my dad in Springville. He took us to see Santa but Deci wouldn't sit on his lap to get a picture. Then we went to buildabear workshop. Deci picked a cat to build, of course. She named it "Kitty Cat". We can't wait for Q to get home! We miss him. Today I asked Deci where she wanted to go. She said "To see Dada." I told her he was in Mexico and she said, "Yeah, to see Dada." I wish it was that easy.

Me and Hilde took Deci on her first Hike at the Guntersville State Park.

These next few are a preview to our Christmas cards. Me and my mom took Deci out to try to get a good shot for our Christmas card. I think I have a few picked out. I'll post them on here when I send out the cards.

Deci fell asleep the other day during her nap reading "Where the Wild Things Are." :)

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